Edd (Edwards-Studio)

Hello, my name is Edd Edwards and I have, Edwards Studio , that my grandparents opened in 1929 - 1997. As time goes by I will be adding more and more pictures to these galleries. My photographic interest is in the beautiful nature scenes that surround me here in Rabun County.
I am also in the process of archiving 1000's of historic negatives, of pictures, that my Grandfather, R. L. (Bob) Edwards Sr. shot and collected during his and Grandmas life time together, in their studio, which i Grew up in and helped operate from the early 70's thru the early 90's.

Edwards Studio , 25 Valley St. , Clayton Ga. energyedd@eddedwards.com

Edwards Studio owns all publishing rights to Bob Edwards historical photographs dated 1930 forward, till 2073, which is the 70 years past his death that the copyrights remain with the living Edwards Studio Family.

I have several thousand more photographs of Clayton and Rabun County plus old movies that my Grandfather shot.

Any one using any of our photographs on their website or magazine or newspaper or public flyer or anything in public view , must have a signed, current license agreement, notarized with Edd Edwards, of Edwards Studio. they must also include on front of each of R.L. (Bob) Edwards Sr. photographs the following notice ..

"© Edwards Studio all rights reserved till 2073 by Bob Edwards Sr."

Any one wanting personal copies, to have in your homes as one time use, may purchase them through this site or write down the file name and contact me at my shop and i can custom tone, size, or make changes to fit your needs .

Any one wishing to write historical stories using our photographs are encouraged to do so, If you work with us we may let you use never before seen shots that we have in our hidden files.

To use them in that article or book, you must have the copyright notice on or under each photo used and must have a signed license agreement with Edwards Studio on file with a simple handling fee of $25.00 dollars per event